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Lifetime of Treasures


Our Story

Our publishing goal is to spread the wisdom gained from one family’s journey through life. Our family has undertaken the daunting task of discovering our past, chronicling our present, and envisioning our future through poetic expression. We convey our emotions and insights in the simplest yet profound form known to humanity: poetry. While many have focused their writings on discussions about race and class in America, our family has elected to narrate our own lived experiences. We have selected poetry as our medium because it offers a unique and exquisite experience that resonates deeply with readers.

My Story


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The Band: A Father's Love for His Son, A Son's Love for His Father

An innovative and unique poetic voice, Bryan Battle Sr. and Bryan Battle Jr. guide the reader on a journey through time, delving into the complexities of American life with heartfelt understanding. Through their writings, the Battle family confronts pressing issues such as the plight of African Americans in America and the Diaspora, and the pursuit of financial success through entrepreneurship and land ownership. Join us as we weave our narratives and build upon the sturdy foundations of life's diverse experiences in The Band.

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The Mighty Jacob

"The Mighty Jacob," authored by Bryan and Mary Battle, is a profoundly insightful book that seamlessly blends poetry and spirituality, creating an innovative and captivating reading experience. With its unique approach, this book transcends conventional boundaries and emerges as a cherished inspirational companion for readers of all walks of life. Through eloquent prose and heartfelt poetry, Bryan and Mary Battle offer wisdom, solace, and guidance, touching the hearts and souls of their audience. "The Mighty Jacob" stands as a testament to the power of words to uplift, inspire, and nourish the spirit, making it an essential addition to any reader's collection.

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Perfumed Legacy

"Perfumed Legacy" is a captivating collection of inspirational poetry penned by Mary Ann Battle and Beverly Joyce Cosey, both esteemed members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. As biological sisters, they embark on a poetic journey of sisterhood, unbound by conventional constraints of thought. Each page of this anthology is illuminated by the alabaster boxes of love crafted by the talented sisters, offering readers a profound exploration of life, love, and the human experience. Join then as they traverse the boundless realms of poetic expression, leaving behind a legacy that resonates with beauty, wisdom, and inspiration.


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"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art."

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"The Mighty Jacob, by Bryan and Mary Battle is a brilliantly insightful book that combines poetry and spirituality in an innovative way that it succeeds elegantly as a beloved inspirational companion for every living soul."

Dr. Padmore Agbemabiese,

The Ohio State University


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